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Women's Sexy Set Melanie

Women's Sexy Set Melanie

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Handmade Sexy Robe Melanie in translucent mesh with lace by NeDlyaSkuki.
Translucent robe insanely sexy. In it you will feel like a sexy yoke!
When you are in this erotic dressing gown, your partner will not be able to resist you, because the transparent fabric will perfectly lie on your naked body, and emphasize all your charms!
The sleeves and the edges of the dressing gown are decorated with beautiful lace. For this dressing gown, we recommend using pestises on the nipples, which will add a twist to your look.
Size from XS to plus size.
Delivery is standard and express.
The color of the robe you can choose from the palette, the color of the lace is black.

When ordering in the comments, please specify the color of your choice in the palette.