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Harnesses bdsm are a unique accessory that is loved by many people practicing BDSM. Stylish and simple, they have long gone beyond themed sessions and are found even in everyday outfits. We offer to buy high-quality bondage body harness. Only in our online bdsm store you will find unique bdsm body harness for every taste.

What is Bondage Harness?

A bondage harness bdsm is a type of bondage gear or bondage accessory typically used in BDSM activities and practices. It`s a piece of equipment designed to restrict or control the movement of a person's body, often for the purpose of enhancing erotic or submissive experiences.

Bdsm body harnesses come in various designs and materials, but they generally consist of straps, buckles, and other fasteners that are used to secure and immobilize the person wearing them. These harnesses can be worn on different parts of the body, it may be bdsm chest harness, bdsm butt harness, bdsm leg harness, and others.

Type of Sexy BDSM Harness and Sets for Women and Men

Some bdsm bondage harness is purely functional, meant for restraining a person, while others are more elaborate and decorative, designed to enhance the visual appeal of BDSM scenes. People who engage in BDSM activities often use bondage harnesses as a means of exploring power dynamics, experiencing sensory stimulation, or simply adding an element of fetish or kink to their sexual or erotic play.

Leather bondage harness

Leather harnesses are a popular choice due to their durability and classic BDSM aesthetic. They come in various styles, including leather breast bondage harness, waist harness bondage, and full-body harnesses. Leather harnesses sexy can be used as slaves body harness; they are durable and strong, making it impossible for the slave to resist.

BDSM full-body harnesses

Full body harness bdsm is more elaborate and can cover a larger portion of the body. They often consist of multiple straps and rings that connect various body parts, creating an intricate design. It may seem quite difficult to use a full body bdsm harness, but this is not the case. There was variety of full-body bondage harness that could be made of both natural leather and elastic materials for more comfortable use.

Chest harness bondage

A chest harness bondage typically consists of straps and rings that encircle the chest and sometimes connect to other parts of the body. It can be worn by both women and men and is often used to enhance the dominant-submissive dynamic. A woman who wears a chest bondage harness is capable of seducing any man. Such a chest harness sexy emphasizes appetizing forms and allows you to combine it with other accessories and lingerie.

Head harness bondage

A head harness bondage, is a type of BDSM restraint device designed to immobilize or control the wearer's head and their sensory experiences. It's typically used in BDSM scenes for erotic or fetish purposes and is often considered a form of sensory deprivation or control. A head harness bdsm typically consists of several straps and buckles that secure around the wearer's head, covering the eyes, mouth, and sometimes the ears. The key components of a head harness may include head strap, eye coverings, harness ball gag bondage, and ear coverings.
Bdsm head harness is used to enhance BDSM scenes by restricting the wearer's ability to see, speak, or hear, thus intensifying their sense of vulnerability and submission.

Plus size bdsm harness

A plus-size bondage harness is a harness bdsm designed specifically to accommodate individuals with larger body sizes. These harnesses are intended for BDSM and fetish play, allowing people of all body types to enjoy bondage and BDSM activities comfortably and safely. A good plus-size bdsm harness should be highly adjustable. It should have multiple straps, buckles, and fasteners that allow the wearer or their partner to customize the fit to their comfort level. This adjustability is crucial for ensuring both safety and comfort during BDSM play.

Suspension Harness & Belt

A bdsm suspension harness and belt are bondage accessories used in BDSM  to suspend a person off the ground. These devices are designed to allow for various forms of bondage and BDSM play, including suspension harness bondage, which involves lifting and hanging a person using ropes or other support systems.
A suspension harness is typically a complex piece of BDSM equipment designed to secure a person's body during suspension play. It consists of straps, buckles, and attachment points that distribute the body's weight evenly to reduce the risk of injury. Suspension harnesses are often designed to support various body parts, including the chest, waist, thighs, and legs, depending on the specific design.

A suspension belt is a simpler alternative to a full-body suspension harness. It consists of a wide belt or waistband that wraps around the waist or hips of the person being suspended. Like suspension harnesses, using a suspension belt requires careful attention to safety, weight limits, and proper techniques to prevent injury. Ensure that all equipment used, including ropes, carabiners, and attachment points, is of high quality and appropriate for the intended purpose. It's best to use a metal bondage harness and a leather bdsm body harness.

Slave harness

A bdsm slave harness in the context of BDSM is a type of bondage accessory or piece of BDSM gear that is worn by a submissive partner as part of their role within a BDSM play. Slave harnesses can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, PVC, latex, fabric, or other fetish materials. The design of a bondage slave harness typically involves straps, buckles, and attachment points like D-rings or O-rings. The design can be simple or elaborate, depending on the specific style and purpose.

Many slave harnesses include attachment points where the dominant partner can connect restraints, leashes, or other bondage accessories. These attachment points enable the dominant partner to exert control over the submissive partner, emphasizing the power dynamic. For this purpose, you can use an arm slave harness, bdsm female slave harness with a collar, bdsm pony harness, and others. Often you can find female and male slave harness for sex.

Self-bondage harness

Self-bondage harness refers to a set of bondage restraints or gear that a person uses to bind themselves as part of BDSM or fetish play. Unlike traditional bondage scenarios where one partner restrains the other, self-bondage involves an individual restraining themselves for erotic or sensory stimulation. It's important to note that self-bondage carries unique risks and challenges, and it requires careful planning and safety precautions to ensure one's well-being.

Hip harness bondage

A bondage hip harness is a type of BDSM bondage accessory designed to secure and restrain a person's hips or waist. These harnesses can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, PVC, nylon webbing, or other fetish-friendly materials. The choice of material can impact the comfort and look of the harness. Both women and men can wear bdsm hip harness. Bdsm thigh harness accentuates your thighs and emphasizes their beauty.

Face harness bondage

A bondage face harness is a type of BDSM accessory designed to restrain or control a person's head and face during BDSM activities or fetish play. Face harnesses bdsm consist of straps made from materials like leather, PVC, latex, or fabric. These straps wrap around the head, covering different parts of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, chin, and mouth. Most face harness bondage have adjustable buckles and fasteners that allow for a snug and secure fit around the head. These fasteners ensure that the harness remains in place during play.

Extreme bondage harness

Extreme bondage harnesses are typically more elaborate and restrictive than standard bondage gear. They may involve multiple straps, buckles, and attachments that immobilize the person wearing them to a greater extent. These harnesses are often designed for experienced practitioners who have negotiated consent and boundaries beforehand. This includes steel bondage harness, slave chain harness, leather harness bondage and others.

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