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Witch Halloween Cloak

Witch Halloween Cloak

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Hooded Cloak - an interesting option for the original role-playing costume. Hooded cape cloak made of quality and pleasant to the touch fabric. Cloak with hood is universal, it is suitable for both women and men. It`s a red and black hooded cloak, has a length longer than medium. The length of this fantasy cloak allows it to be used as a cosplay cloak or for intimate role-playing games.

If your imagination fails you, we can offer several uses. It can be a wizard cloak, witch cloak, vampire cloak or medieval hooded cloak, for a royal. For example, a hooded cloak women can be worn with stockings, giving your partner a sexual surprise. By the way, the mens hooded cloak paired with erotic lingerie will produce the same furor. Hooded cape - an unusual element for your irresistible outfit.

In comments to the order please specify the most suitable size and color number in the palette.