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Mini lace-up vinyl dress

Mini lace-up vinyl dress

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Vinyl mini dress is something special and unique. This is a real dress for all vinyl, latex or leather lovers. This mini dress will not only cause a sensation to others, but also leave you impressed. I'm sure you didn't expect you could be so hot in that dress.

This vinyl dress is made of quality and safe material. This pvc dress has a beautiful neckline. Separately, this dress has an open back, precisely because of the lacing. This dress has a completely naked back and butt, so take the time to put on your underwear.

I would not advise to go out in such a dress, unless it is a party, then a dress would be appropriate. You can also use this vinyl outfit as a mini dress. This model of dress looks perfect on any figure, especially butt plus size dress looks juicy. U can buy pvc dress in our webstore in anytime.

You can choose a color from the palette that you like, and specify the number in the comments to the order.