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Men intimate jewelry natural stones Lava

Men intimate jewelry natural stones Lava

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We present you a unique penis jewelry made of natural stones. Handmade penis bracelet consists of three kinds of stones: hematite, lava stone and imperial jasper. Diameter of beads: 8 mm. The cock ring has an elastic band, which makes it stretch well and fits everyone without exception, even owners of an impressive penis size. The stones are smooth and will not cause any discomfort, but only add aesthetics and have a slight stimulating effect during the progressive movements of the pelvis.

Hematite penis ring improves blood quality, accelerates healing of wounds, and promotes blood circulation (which is very valuable for men who have problems with potency). Hematite cock jewelry is a true man's stone. It strengthens the sexual attachment of the partner(s), helps single men to find a steady pair, protects from rash decisions, is a strong talisman, and helps to achieve success and wealth.

Intimate jewelry made of lava: it has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to eliminate toxins and excess bile from the body, stabilizes the cardiovascular system. Erotic cock jewelry made of lava stone helps to restore energy balance, develop concentration and creativity, gives peace and helps to fulfill desires.

Genital jewelry made of imperial jasper: has a positive effect on memory, improves sleep, is an excellent healer and source of "man power," Hippocrates found that jasper helps to cope with fevers and epilepsy attacks. Jasper is a powerful amulet, and helps one to gain determination and wisdom, and to win at public speaking and work.

In addition to the originality of this penis ring jewelry, natural stones have medicinal and magical properties. Mens penis jewelry made of natural stones is a trend for 2021. Sexual jewelry will definitely become an interesting accent and help to attract attention to this outstanding, in all senses, part of the body.

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