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Leg chain jewelry Amelie

Leg chain jewelry Amelie

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The leg chain is an incredibly bright accent to your look! Leg jewelry is quite rare, especially when we're talking about such beautiful leg accessories. There are many kinds of body jewelry: strep underwear, etc. But there's a lot less leg jewelry! Luckily, we've created the perfect thigh chain that will become your favorite body accessories.

The leg chain harness is a whole construction of one chain that attaches to the thigh, and several thin chains that come sexily down. The silver leg chain will fit perfectly in any color palette. Red, black, white or blue outfit - the garter jewelry will match perfectly.

Use the woman leg chain with beautiful dresses, erotic lingerie or costumes for sexual role-play. Or maybe it will be a fetish jewelry: just your naked body and nothing else. Be even more desirable with this harness jewelry.