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Butt silicone plug bodysuit

Butt silicone plug bodysuit

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Butt plug underwear is definitely something new and different! Butt plugs for women have become even more interesting and diverse, now the anal plug is paired with an mature erotic body. A naked bodysuit and a silicone butt plug are combined into a sexy duo that will literally drive you crazy. The butt plug bodysuit is handmade, you can order any size bodysuit and match it with a fetish butt plug to your liking.

Crystal butt plug will adorn your ass to make you the most beautiful anal slut. The butt plug and this erotic bodysuit will definitely bring a little variety to your sexual relationship. Even more unique anal toys you will find in our online store.

S diameter - 2.6 cm/1 inc
M diameter - 3.4 cm/1.18 inc
L diameter - 4 cm/1,57 inc