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Butt metal and silicone plug Blue tail

Butt metal and silicone plug Blue tail

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The tail plug is an unusual way to change intimate relationships. The butt plug will be the highlight of anal stimulation. The butt plug with tail is a bright accent and a pleasant sensation at the same time. Cat tail plug will help you turn into a slutty or submissive pussycat.

Anal plug is universal - suitable for both men and women. Don`t deny yourself the pleasure and forget about anal toys, no one will know about it anyway. The fox tail plug can greatly improve your sex by stimulating your erogenous zones. Bdsm toy tail comes in handy for pet play or kinky parties.

The furry tail doesn’t cause discomfort when inserted. You can choose what will be the device: silicone butt plug or metal butt plug to make your sex games were more enjoyable. Even more butt plugs for women with unique designs you can find in our online store.