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A bdsm open mouth gag is a device commonly used in BDSM play to restrict the wearer's ability to speak or to close their mouth fully. It typically consists of a strap that wraps around the wearer's head, with a device, often made of materials like rubber, silicone, or metal, placed inside the mouth to hold it open. Gags come in various shapes and sizes, including ring gags, and more elaborate designs. They are used to enhance the submissive/dominant dynamic in BDSM scenarios, as well as for sensory deprivation and control.

What is the Open Mouth Gag Used for?

An open mouth gag, like other types of gags used in BDSM play, serves several purposes:

  1. Speech restriction - one of the primary purposes of an open mouth gag bdsm is to restrict the wearer's ability to speak. This can be erotically stimulating for both the wearer and the dominant partner, as it adds an element of control and submission.
  2. Oral control – bdsm open gag can also be used to control the wearer's oral actions, such as preventing them from biting, licking, or spitting. This can be part of a power dynamic where the dominant partner exerts control over the submissive's actions.
  3. Sensory deprivation - by keeping the mouth open, an open mouth gag fetish can contribute to sensory deprivation, limiting the wearer's ability to taste, swallow, or breathe through their mouth fully. This can heighten other senses and intensify the overall experience.
  4. Erotic stimulation - wearing a gag, including an open mouth gag, can be sexually arousing for some individuals. It adds an element of vulnerability and submission, which can enhance the erotic atmosphere during BDSM play.
  5. Roleplay and fantasy fulfillment – bdsm open mouth gag is often used in BDSM roleplay scenarios to fulfill specific fantasies or to embody certain roles, such as a submissive being silenced by their dominant partner, or a naughty schoolgirl being disciplined.

Types of BDSM Open Mouth Gags Bondage

There are several types of open gag bdsm mouth used in bondage play, each with its own design and functionality. Here are some common types:

  1. Ring gag - is a circular device typically made of metal, silicone or plastic that is placed in the wearer's mouth, keeping it open by holding the lips and jaw apart. It allows for unrestricted airflow and speech, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy oral play or humiliation scenarios.
  2. Spider gag - consists of a central ring with multiple arms or spokes radiating outwards, resembling a spider's legs. These spokes keep the wearer's mouth open wide while still allowing some freedom of movement and speech.
  3. Funnel gag - incorporates a funnel-shaped device into the gag, allowing fluids or other substances to be poured into the wearer's mouth. This can be used for forced feeding or other forms of sensory play.

How to Use an Open Mouth Gag

Using bondage open mouth gag in BDSM play requires careful consideration of safety, communication, and consent. Here's a guide on how to use one:

  1. Before using gag, discuss your intentions and desires with your partner. Ensure everyone involved understands and consents to the activity. Establish a safe word or safe signal that the wearer can use to communicate distress or discomfort. This is crucial for maintaining safety during play.
  2. Choose an open mouth gag that fits comfortably in the wearer's mouth without causing excessive strain or discomfort. Consider the material and design of the gag to ensure it's safe for the wearer, particularly if they have any allergies or sensitivities.
  3. Hold the open mouth gag in front of the wearer's mouth and gently guide it between their lips. Position the gag so that it comfortably holds the wearer's mouth open to the desired extent. Check that the gag isn't causing any discomfort or impeding the wearer's ability to breathe through their nose.
  4. If the gag has straps, fasten them securely around the wearer's head, ensuring they're snug but not overly tight. Make any necessary adjustments for comfort. Double-check that the gag is securely in place and won't shift or come loose during play.

After play, remove the gag carefully and attend to any needs of the wearer, such as hydration or oral care.

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